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Tide, Timber and Grain

by Paul Handyside

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The ground is all broken and dry / the things that we planted are waiting to die / And the birds they just sing out of tune / the flowers won't bloom here in June / the flowers won't bloom here in June // We're trying to reap what we sow / but the world plays for keeps and it never lets go / Until all that is left is perfume / the flowers won't bloom here in June // But who built the fires and who lit the flame / who empties the ashes again and again / The words that you wrote up in smoke in the sky / say baby I love you baby goodbye // You said you'd come back for a while / I may make you angry I may make you smile / Though the sun shines a ray through the gloom / the flowers won't bloom here in June / the flowers won't bloom here in June // But who cut the wires and who stopped the rain / who's going under and taking the blame / The rooms are still empty and echo the years / it's too late for laughter it's too late for tears // We're searching for truth all our lives / but the truth never leaves and so never arrives / 'til we realise too late our undoing / the flowers won't bloom here in June / The flowers won't bloom here in June.
If you go will you leave a light at the end of the road / as the shadows they fall all around on this armoured abode / And if I fail to find the words to cast you in a spell / they'll come to me too late I fear upon your fond farewell // If you find you are lost and afraid of the gathering storm / I will wait your return to a hearth that is welcome and warm / And if I fail to make you see I surely must compel / to be the man I should've been upon your fond farewell // But you had put a knife through me and left me where I fell / But I had lived to tell the tale / with only tales to tell // Fare thee well fare thee well / you took me as far as you could / for true love will combine and consume us as fire and wood / But you / you had mistaken me and that may suit you well / but I could not stop loving you upon that fond farewell // And time will make both fools of us and that I can't dispel / for if we vow to part this way upon your fond farewell / For I shall make a pact with you and only time will tell / that you may mark me by my word upon your fond farewell / Though our paths are bound to cross again in heaven or in hell /where you may find it in your heart beyond that fond farewell.
Pour me out a whiskey / let it brim the glass / hold me in your arms and maybe this will pass // Let me down easy don't be sorry to explain / Let me down easy / spare the truth and spare the pain // Tell me I am dreaming and soon I will awake / You were never leaving it's a choice youíd never take // Let me down easy / deal the cards and let them play / Let me down easy / I can't make you stay // Let me believe you / though I've heard it all before // Let me down easy / it's impossible to win / let me down easy you won't let me down again so easy / You won't let me down again.
With the darkness upon us and our truths all laid bare / and when no one is listening and the world she don't care // When the shallow veils of laughter all around you has reeled / You will realise your hollow prize when all will be revealed // Those that have shall be given 'til their pockets will fray / and from those who have nothing shall be taken away // And the leaders and the liars who before them we kneeled / there's a higher revelation there when all will be revealed // Some their spirits will be broken by those that cannot see /they will surely find the error of their ways // From the cradle of creation 'til our fate has been sealed / there will be no absolution until all has been revealed // And the deeds of our fathers that we cannot deny / it's a sin to say nothing as the victims roll by // If you drift with no direction and your heart is concealed / you will find there's no salvation until all has been revealed // Through your thoughts and in your actions your clear conscience will yield / in an age of no illusion there when all will be revealed / There'll be one more hallelujah when all will be revealed.
True Love 03:41
Sometimes the world it moves too fast / nothing to cling upon / When the crowds have gone away true love will carry on // And though the heart feels safe at home / sometimes we get it wrong / And whilst the flesh is drawn to stray / true love will carry on // Some search for something / and wait a whole life through / end up with nothing true // In the streets kids laugh and play 'til innocence is gone / through their mistakes and tears will learn / true love will carry on // And though the fates conspire to drag us down / we'll heed tomorrow's calling / true love's a new day dawning // There's a star that shines so bright / o'er each and everyone / Even in your darkest hour true love will carry on // Love counts for nothing / if its aim ain't true / my arrow's aimed on you // Now the nights are drawing in over our winter sun / I'll be there to keep you warm true love will carry on.
The ship in the harbour is ringing her bell / to take me wherever desires I can quell / Though I may ebb with the moon and the tide / my thoughts will be with you should I leave your side // If I am blown by a north westerly / or should I be lost in a cold briny sea / I'd follow the ocean and swallow my pride / to beg your forgiveness should I leave your side // I've tried to be open and tried to explain how a heart can be honest and reckless and vain / But if you are found to be battered and sore / I'd turn on these heels and curse you no more // The seasons are turning from green unto gold / and if you wait for me you're brave and you're bold / But if I should turn to a blackness and slide / you must not come with me should I leave your side // But unto your star I am heavenly drawn / between darkness and light I am forever torn / If I am guilty I'll bond my parole / may the stars strike me down and the depths take my soul // Though I can't be trusted / in this heart beats a stone / and many's the reason why I'm lost and alone / But if I depart it can never be denied / 'twas with good intention should I leave your side.
In the heat of the day beneath the shade of the pine / she watched him carving their names together for a lifetime / Charmed by his smile and a sweet northern tongue / dreamt of a life with the woodcutter's son // Their days were selfish and long / their summer measured in years / but his horizons drew strong and envied other careers / He swore he'd return and wanted no other one / and would always remain her woodcutter's son // She carries a tune but her heart is still strung / to play every note for that woodcutter's son // Bring on the night bring on the rain / wash away yesterday's dream / Bring in the tide, timber and grain / dry is the well and the stream // From a cradle of hope into forest of sin / the world will open your eyes to temptations within / But true to her own heart turned her head for no one / and bided her time for that woodcutter's son // Well seven years have passed / the fields are barren and clear / but on a fine May morn she saw two figures appear / One was her true love / the other still young / Who went by the name of the woodcutter's son / But what would she give / the last breath from her lungs / To walk side by side with those woodcutter's sons.
Well I come home in the evening and the living room is bare / there's a bible on the table maybe find salvation there // If you see me I'll be dreaming of a time you wanted me / and the nights that I had wasted kissing ghosts I cannot see // And I don't know who I'm fooling / we cover up but can't erase / just what's going to get me through / these are desperate days // Did I tell you that I loved you did I show you that I care / and I would stay awake for hours just to watch you laying there // All my brave new bright tomorrows / seem to vanish in the haze / you’re my saviour and my sorrow / these are desperate days // There's a mask I hide behind now so the pain won't show / but everybody knows // Everyday I go out walking / all the people turn their heads / to the emptiness that crawling into our hearts into our beds // You won't catch me as I'm falling through a lifetime of betrayals / all I see is now and always / these are desperate days / these are desperate days.
We were chasing the wind for Blue and Right whales / when the lookout would shout we'd cling to the rails / As we rode to the kill we felt bold and alive / in the year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and five // But down in the harbour the flensing would start / barrels are filled and sent to the mart / For the oil in your lamps and bones for your tools / wait 'til they come up to blow with a harpoon to throw // The very next year when our season cut short / we said our farewells to friends, family and port / We'll follow our prey and run them aground / on the good ship Naroona we’re Newfoundland bound // No hiding from the stench / no respite from the cold / delivered to stations our dirty white gold / We'd drink into the evening and sang 'til we cried / wait 'til they come up to blow with a harpoon to throw // Now the new ships are big they swallow the catch / no escape for the beast it's no sport it's no match / Watched a mother and calf break the surface to cries / and felt no remorse at the look in her eyes // To the orders of our masters we'd work through the freeze / until we completed the rape of the seas / For the fuel of an empire in its slow decline / one day they won't come up to blow with a harpoon to throw // Takes more than the good book and luck to survive / despatches from home take weeks to arrive / In the hand of an angel / the scent of a girl / wrapped in a ribbon and bow with kisses to blow // But when my father took ill I had to return to care for my loved ones and what I could earn / So I followed the men with picks in their hand / through the coal fields and slags of East Northumberland // I wish I was a whaler in sunlight and air / I'd rather have salt than coal dust in me hair / Burning oil in our lamps and soap to scrub in / down from the colliery row / with a pick axe to throw / Now when Kitchener called I was first to the deck / as a merchant marine on a seagoing wreck / The Atlantic we'd cross and whisper Amen / in fear of cold hearted submariner men // So now we are the quarry it's the turn of the deep / to have her revenge it must taste so sweet / With the oilskin on his back the lookout would cry / wait for their ballasts to blow and torpedo to go // As we measured the stars we let go a sigh / our loved ones must stare at the very same sky / And for those left behind life must go on / lamps must be filled and chores must be done // I hope you light a candle for me every night / watch over the flame and keep it alive / To guide us through the darkness / for we cannot see / a cluster of mines that will blow us all down below // Now the tables have turned and I must confess the fate of a sailor I hope you can bless / For I fear I will rest in a bed of deep green / in the year of Our Lord it was nineteen fifteen.
Good night / good night lover for wherever you may be / In the arms of another who will hold you tenderly // Midnight chimes for the end of the day / there is nothing to hold there is no one to hold // Sweet dreams distant lover and whatever keeps you there // Nightmares wait at the top of the stairs / of a someone you miss there is no one to kiss // Good night / good night lover and however much you care / I will whisper good night lover as if you were here with me


"Handyside delivers melodies that hold, hooks that catch and songs that will stay with you for a long time".
Folkwords album of the month Feb 2016

"A Whaler's Lament", a stupendous number...it deserves a nod in the Best Original Track category at the next Radio 2 awards...Outstanding"

"...subtlety and finesse and a rich vein of melancholy. It’s a flawless piece of folk narrative...Paul Handyside has produced a hauntingly melancholy album using a variety of (mainly) traditional instruments to provide a framework for his marvellous voice; it’s a powerful combination".

"There is a strong, brooding Americana flavour...a rewarding set, good songs well performed"

"Heave away you rolling kings...the folkier Paul Handyside gets the better he sounds...the triumph of the album is "A whaler's lament" which vibrantly leaps from the narrator's seaborne adventures at the turn of the nineteenth century...a highly listenable album...the stand-outs are unmissable"

"Dressed in black from head to toe, Handyside resembled the gaunt figure of Harry Dean Stanton circa Paris, Texas, minus the red baseball cap and pent-up anger, strolling into a dusty middle-of-nowhere town".
Northern Sky

If you're in the EU please note that VAT at the applicable rate will be added to the cost of your download.


released April 1, 2016

Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, Fender Rhodes, harmonium, autoharp, harmonica, percussion

Electric guitar, lap steel, dobro, weissenborn, bass guitar, banjo, percussion

Double bass, melodeon

Produced, engineered and mixed by Rob Tickell

Recorded at The Bothy, Berwick Hill, Northumberland and Unsound Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne
Mastered by Tim Turan at Turan Audio
Photography by Rob Tickell and Paul Handyside. Artwork by Malady Graphics and PJ White

All songs written by Paul Handyside paulhandyside.com


all rights reserved



Paul Handyside Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Paul Handyside is a folk and roots singer songwriter, formerly of eighties indie darlings Hurrah! whose songs now fuse pop with folk-tinged americana. The fourth album "Loveless Town" is released on the 21st of May 2021.


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